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    My Sony DV Camera is not Being Recognized in Premiere Elements 13


      I am using a PC (w/ Windows8.1 Pro - 64 bit with Media Center).  I installed a copy of Premiere Elements 13 and left a copy of Premiere Elements 10 on the machine.

      My camera Sony DV (DCR-PC100) video camera is connected to the computer via IEEE-1394 (fire wire) cable.  The connection is secure and I have confirmed the connection  With the camera on the VTR setting, the software does not recognize the camera.  In other words, I was not able see to the camera within the program under Project Settings -> Capture.  I only see the WDM Capture option.  (The project is setup with the correct DV camera option; Standard DV NTSC).


      However, when I tried it out on Premiere Elements (PE) 10, I am able to see the DV camera under the Project Settings -> Capture.  In fact, I am able to capture video clips as well as control the camera under PE 10.


      Please provide guidance on steps on recognizing my camera in PE13.