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    Help please! Kobo Glo with ADE


      Last night my Kobo reset to factory on startup. I have reconnected to my computer (same one that I was previously using for my Kobo, and Windows 7) Went through the setup process. Both my computer and the Kobo are authorized on ADE. ADE recognizes my Kobo and I can right click over a title and send it to my Kobo. On the left hand menu my Kobo is listed as a device and my books show as being in my Kobo library. When I eject the Kobo, they are not in my Kobo Library.


      What am I missing?

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          shreya Adobe Employee



          Please reconnect your kobo device to ADE, and check if the transferred book is listed under KOBO library on ADE.

          If book is present, then book will be present on kobo


          Disconnect kobo.

          And check the book on kobo.


          If still you cannot view the book, try restarting kobo device.