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    Is an iMac with i7 Core and GT750M sufficient to work with After Effects fluently?


      Hi, I'm thinking about buying an iMac 21,5 inch. It would have an i7 QuadCore (3,1GHz up to 3,9) with a GeForce GT750M 1GB graphics card and FusionDrive.


      Would this be enough for After effects? In After Effects, I create things like intros etc. So many effects and stuff. With my current computer (i5 and GT640M 512MB) it judders very often. Each frame has to load for a pretty long time. And rendering lasts hours. Will the i7 and the better graphics card (and maybe FusionDrive?) improve this so that I can work better with it? And is the improvement noticeable?


      Also, I heard about CUDA in AE. With my current graphics card it doesn't work. Will it work with the new one?


      Thank you