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    Menu hamburger animation


      Hi everybody,

      i' m trying to make a hamburger menu animation ... there it is:




      So my question is how can i make the animation start with a hover and to go back to the hamburger when the mouse is out of course,

      and an hover of the barred line on each section of the menu

      i know what you will say ... " i make my menu in one block text " i will make each section separately,

      and i didn't make the animation for each section ... i will do it too

      i just put the video for make you an idea of what that will look like


      and IF its possible how can i make the barred line to be on the good section of my page?

      i mean " i m scrolling on the page, i m on the contact section so when my mouse is hover the hamburger, the barred line is already on the contact line

      .... i dont know if it s really clear :s sorry for my english