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    Problems upgrading from standalone to CC Lightroom


      Hi all.


      I had a standalone license for Lightroom 5 but subscribed to the Photographer's Bundle to get Photoshop & LR5. When I first installed it I had a couple of issues but since then it has all been fine. However, today my CC Desktop was telling me LR was not installed, even though it obviously was. I removed LR and reinstalled via CC. That's where the problems began. Trying to open the CC version I was just getting "the catalog could not be opened due to an unexpected error". I could not create a new blank catalog at this point to try alternatives, nor open my current catalog. I have now removed the CC version and put back the other version and my current catalog loads just fine. Now CC says LR is Up to Date even though it's on 5.6 not 5.7 and there's no other way to update it.


      Anyone any idea what the problem might be?


      OS X Yosemite

      LR 5.6