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    Gimp vs Photoshop



      Ok i have tried to get into photoshop, but i think its too complex as im not that interested in image edditing. however i do work with 3D modelling and thats why i need a good image edditing software for textures and collor corrections. i am currently using SumoPaint because its better than paint, and it gets the job done. however im afraid that at some point, i will have to learn photoshop, but im not going to bother yet. also, since gimp is considered as the default "free image edditing software" i assume its much better than sumopaint, and thats why im considering to learn it.

      the only reason im using sumopaint now, is because its simple, and its also the first software i learned. (cause we had to use it at school for some reason...) and well since it does the job i've just stuck to it.


      so, should i spend time learning gimp as a better alternative to Sumopaint, or just stick to sumopaint untill i have to go over to photoshop? is gimp simular to photoshop?


      to compare, im now using Blender3D for my CG work, but i know i have to translate to Maya at some point. however, Blender is easy, Maya is Rock hard.. so i would recomend blender for anyone who wishes to learn CG. however, translating to Maya will be tough, as the two softwares are very different. and maya is a LOT more complex. but using blender to learn the tecnical terms and how 3D softwares in general works is a good idea cause you learn everything, and its easy.


      im wondering if its somewhat the same for gimp and PS. should i start with Gimp cause i assume its easier? is gimp simular to PS?

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          Silkrooster Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The reason why blender is easy to you is that is what you are use to. It is the same for any software. You will prefer what you are use to.

          I personally find blender extremely difficult and prefer lightwave by Newtek.

          So boils down to deciding to take the plunge and get out of your comfort zone to learn a new program.

          Any program that benefits you is worth its salt to learn.

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            finalbarrage Level 1

            the point is, would you recomend gimp to begin with? i guess it has an easier learningcurve.. but is it simular to PS?

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              Silkrooster Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              As my last sentence suggests it may be worth your time to dig deep and go for Photoshop as it provides more for you. The more a program offers the deeper the learning curve.

              So yes you could get along with any editor, but how much time learning that program cpu have been put to learning Photoshop.

              Sooner or later the easier program will fall short. It is just a matter of when.

              So really the only one that can answer how's much time and money you are will to spend is you.