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    3d shape trouble


      I am building a 3D octagonal shape which has 8 vertical squares as the middle, a row of 8 trapezium on the top and bottom - both sets angled at the X-axis by 45degrees toward the centre (top and bottom respectively), and 2 horizontal octagons to cap the object making a blocky sphere. All works well until I try to angle the second rows at 45degrees on their X-axis after they've already been rotated 45degrees on their Y-axis. Rather then sitting flush along the bottom edge to the square below, they seem to twist at a random angle. I had moved the anchor point to sit on the lowest side, could it be this that's causing the issue?


      i managed to angle the section you can see (top left) but this required playing around with the orientation which read - 352degrees,345degrees,28degrees. making completing the shape a huge job.Any suggestions appreciated, even links to helpful tutorials.