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    Suddenly I cannot sign into CC or apps

    six foot kitten Level 1

      I have been an Adobe CC user for over two years now. My business relies on these apps and out of nowhere on Friday I could not open or access any of them. When I try to Sign In I get the "Please connect to the internet and retry" message. When I try to log in through Adobe CC Desktop App I get the message "Unable to reach Adobe servers. Please check your firewall settings, and try again in a few minutes." No updates occurred on our end. We have two PCs running Win 7 that overnight stopped working. I have been through three tech sessions with support, one ending in a remote session were they removed all of my Adobe apps in hopes that a fresh install would work. This was a fail because they were unable to log in to download anything. No I have no apps on my main workstation. I am also having issues logging in to certain parts of Adobe's website. We have tried the following:

      1. Disable Firewall
      2. After one tech was convinced it was an inner office network issue I removed the PCs physically to another location and network, yet still have the issue.
      3. I have deleted OOBE and AAMUpdater files.
      4. I have LAN settings set to Auto.


      I loaded the apps from a backup to my laptop and another PC in my office to test and I am getting the same results! Anyone else have this issue? I have a huge project deadline in 11 days with no apps and awaiting Adobe support via email.