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    one camera for different 3d Sprites?

    Level 7

      can I use one camera for 2 different 3D sprites?

      For example I have a tree as 3D castmember, from this castmember I create 2
      sprites on the stage (so the user see 2 trees)
      I want have one thingle camera, that use will move around of these 2
      trees(user has to get an Impression he runs around of this 2 objects). Is it

      Any help will be appreciated


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          James Newton, ACP Level 3
          By default, a 3D member has only one camera. By default, that camera is used by the sprite the 3D member is displayed in. If you have two sprites showing the same 3D member, by default the same camera will be used in both sprites. By default, the sprites will be created the same size.

          In other words, unless you do something on purpose, all the sprites that use the same 3D member will look identical at all times.

          You say: "I have a tree as a 3D castmember". This is not entirely accurate. You have a 3D castmember which contains a tree model. If you want a second tree, you should not create a new sprite of the member, you should create a new model of the tree: both trees will appear in the same 3D member, and thus in the same sprite.

          Look at the clone() command.

          Once you have two trees models in the same member, you can move the camera around them. This will give the user the impression that s/he is moving around two trees. If, instead, you create a second sprite to show the first tree twice, the user will have the impression that s/he is moving around a single tree, and seeing double.