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    Determining exact size in changing application

    romanczar Level 1

      I am building a small tool which will be included in an HTML Page. The content will be dynamically created based on an XML file. Therefor I can not set fixed pixel height and width values. The toll uses two views of a viewstack (I could also change it to states), one of them is higher than the other.

      When I include the SWF file into my HTML code I must set height and width. The width is simply 100% as the surrounding table determines its borders. But the height is my problem.

      I want to avoid scrolling bars inside the flash. Therefor I created a JavaScript which can change my SWF height dynamically. But it needs to know the exact value from inside the SWF.

      The connection is not problem.

      BUT: How the f**k do I get the CHANGING height of the whole application? Most of the content it added through a AS method triggered my the applications "creationComplete" method.

      Does anybody have an idea?