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    Registration requirement message

    GeoffreyW Level 1

      I have not opened Photoshop CC recently, since signing up for the photo package 26th Jan.

      But just received a message that the 'Trial' has 00 Days left and I need to Register and License the items?

      however, I did not sign up for the 'Trial' I simply signed up for - and have been charged !!

      Does this message automatically come up when you open the product?

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          No, it's not an automatic thing.


          As I reject the subscription-model concept, I don't use CC or CC2014.


          Your post was already on the 3rd or 4th page without answers, so I would suggest you post here:


          Downloading, Installing, Setting Up

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            Hiya mate how's it going?  Just a note.  when you sent your message, there was nothing else attached. You have to request that in your mail. Also I had similar scenario with a music  application for my phone and at the time, the information wasn't very clear so when i went in for the free feature, haha all of one month,  I must  of went back and forth between the site and my email inbox just to be sure it went through without any charge. Lucky it did, so whilest  enjoying and making the most of the free month version (stingy) . I still kept thinking"im gonna get charged" and continuesly kept checking me bloody inbox, all because the thing weren't clear in the first place.   pheww. Such as life haha. . So have you disabled the application an all that? Because I am sure. If you have been changed without realisation there's some information either on the application or on the confirmation email you would of received detailing how to g about getting a  refund pal. sorry for the long reply,  but I hope this helps you out chap.   Peace.