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    Solved: InDesign CC: Problems with text in text box: text flows around invisible object


      I just upgraded from CS4 to CC. I have two problems with text in some text boxes:

      1. The text seems to flow around invisible object that I cannot find or delete. It's as if there is a photo or other object behind the text box; but when I press COMMAND-a to select all, I don't see any such object.
      2. When I move this text box, the layout of the text within changes. For example, when the box is high on my spread, the text flows correctly within the box; but when I move it down, it flows around that hidden other object. For another example, when the box is low on the page, the text starts at the top of the box; but when I move the text box up, the text starts somewhere in the middle of the box.

      I have checked margins of the text box and the paragraph options of the text paragraphs (margins, indents, alignments). They all look OK.

      If I modify the text box, checking the box "Ignore text wrap", then the problem goes away; but then the text also will not flow around a real object that I want it to flow around.


      There were objects in a hidden layer on that one spread. It seems that in CS4 when you "select all" you would also select objects in hidden layers; but in CC it doesn't.