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    animation malfunctions in flash player 7


      please help me with documentation that outlines differences between flash player 7 vs. 6.

      even better, help with this tricky (for me) problem:
      i am using the open source .fla from this site: http://www.levitated.net/daily/levEmotionFractal.html
      the program recursively fills a space with words. one word appears, then another, then another until the whole movie is full of words. however, in flash player 7, one word appears, then disappears. then the next is popped off the array and appears, then disappears. i would like the words to stay after appearing. i don't understand what is making the error occur.

      because of an external sensor i am using to control the animation, i must use flash player 7 and actionscript 2, switching to fp6 as1 is not an option.

      thanks so much,