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    why did you take away adobe flash player for mobile

    pissed off person

      you people are the worst people ever and pathetic don't you people realize that 90% of people have a cell phone and like very much to play on them but no here comes adobe and takes away the flash player for mobile and makes all of people very unhappy but who cares about the people especially adobe idiots as long as they are getting paid for disappointing thousands of people they do not care what they think or do even if it does hurt the people that use the adobe flash player alot I am very pissed a I have alot of games on my phone like I love playing but of course thanks to the jerks at adobe I cant play them because I need adobe flash player for mobile but cant get it I want something done about this don't care how long it takes but it needs to be fixed not only for me but for the other people that are pissed off just like me I have a windows 8.1 phone I want to hear from someone asap about this