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    Lightroom Trial Issues

    birgit 1 Level 1

      I downloaded a Trial for Lightroom CC. 


      1. I loaded up two cards of images.  If they are saved in LR Catalog?,  where are the Masters?  I right click to "Show Package Contents" and no Masters show up.  Not good.

      2.  I process a photo in LR/save to Quick Save. Open in PS and the pictures open up as the original out of camera.  Not what I "quick saved".



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          Keith_Reeder Level 4

          1) All that is saved to the catalogue is a reference to each image, and the record of any adjustments you have made to them in Lightroom. The files themselves are wherever you told Lightroom to put them when you imported them.


          2) What's "Quick Save" in Lightroom?

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            Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

            LR is not iPhoto or Aperture. It does not save images to the actual catalog, inside its own folder structure. It will copy or move images you import from a camera directly or a memory card from a camera to a folder on your computer or if you have already copied those image to a folder on your drive it will Add them to your catalog.


            Those are the Master Files. LR also does not edit those files in any way. It is a Non destructive editing program. It saves the edits you do to either the catalog file, the default behavior, or to a XMP Sidecar file or in the case of DNG, JPG, TIFF, PNG and PSD files into those file itself without changing the pixel data in those files. Only on Export does it Apply those edits to the original file.


            To Send an image to PS for further editing you Right Click on it and Select Edit In then choose your version of PS. Or use the Photo Menu Item and then Edit In then select PS.


            Never heard of Quick Save in LR and I've been using LR since it came out. I'm no Expert but I've never seen anything remotely called Quick Save.

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              birgit 1 Level 1

              Oh dear....so Quick Save is not the correct term.  There was a Quick something that I used and the photo appeared below in its own strip.  I was trying to export to PS....I thought I did right click, but perhaps not.  Anyway, you answered my question as to where I should import my images!  I will have to figure out why processed images showed up in PS as unprocessed. I just dragged the processed image to PS in the dock....and it came up as unprocessed.  Obviously not the way to export images.


              Thank you Keith and Shootisbond for your help.  I have a few weeks' trial to figure this out.  BTW, the only option I could find for exporting images is PS....I did not see a way to add another application to the list.  I use OnOne and I have a stand alone that I would have added to the export list. Hmmm.

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                Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

                There is a Quick Develop panel in the Library module. It is a cut down version of the Develop module with limited features. I have actually removed it from the left panel in the Library module as I've never used it and see not reason for it to take up space on my screen.


                You don't Export to PS. you Right click on a image and select Edit In and then whatever version of PS is installed on your system.


                You can Export an image to many different formats, JPG, TIFF, PSD and DNG, and then open it in PS but then after you edit it in PS you would need to Sync it back into the catalog for those edits to show up. If you use the Edit In feature it links that file to LR so any and all edits you make in PS show up in LR.


                Got to the Edit menu item and select Preferences or press the Control key and the =\+ key. Then go to the External Editing tab and you will see whatever version of PS that is installed on your system and then in the second area you can select some other external editing program.

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                  birgit 1 Level 1

                  Thanks Shootistbond.....very helpful!!