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    Problem on Mac OS [ColorSync/Profiles/EW-sRGB    Tag 'desc': Tag size is not correct. Could not be fixed.]

      Problem on Mac OS [ColorSync//Profiles/EW-sRGBTag 'desc': Tag size is not correct. Could not be fixed.]

      My screen contrast has gone awry and the ColorSync Utility is unable to fix the problem. In searching the wisdom of the web, I found a response from 2009 on another forum, which referenced this forum. But the thread is gone. The information was in regard to the Color Profiler. Can anyone help? Has anyone had to deal with this? I found a lot of people looking to fix this, but not a lot of follow-up replies with answers. I have tried reinstalling the file from a back-up and re-booting, but to no avail. Some have suggested a problem with the Epson software. But without any detail, I don't know what to look to change. Any help, advice, cures, etc. would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!