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    How do I back up a particular set of photos to an external drive: .NEF files plus anything I've done to them in Lightroom?


      Apologies in advance if this is a dead-easy question or one that's been answered untold numbers of times in the past.


      When I come back from a trip, I load all the photos from the trip into Lightroom, create a collection out of them, flag the best ones, and process them in the "Develop" module. If I want to back these photos up to an external drive (most likely a USB thumb drive), I know I can simply drag the .NEF files from the Finder to the drive's icon, but that will only copy the raw files, not the work that I've done on them in Lightroom. Is there any simple, straightforward way to choose a particular collection of photos in Lightroom and export it to an external drive, including the associated raw files and any relevant modifications to them ("sidecar files"?)? Or do I need to do this in several steps, such as by exporting that collection as a catalogue and separately copying over the raw files?


      I realize I could do a Time Capsule back-up of the whole machine—and I DO do that on a regular basis—but I want to have quick access to a back-up of only the photos from a particular trip.


      My set-up includes Nikon cameras (thus the ".NEF" reference above), a fairly recent iMac, and Lightroom 5.7.