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    Context Sensitive Help with page.htm#context/page2.htm

      As per Peter Grainge's tip on his web site http://www.grainge.org/pages/authoring/calling_webhelp/using_urls.htm we implement context sensitive help with FlashHelp by opening a URL that looks like this: file:///C:/..../page.htm?#context/page2.htm. It works fine on all platforms and browsers except IE7 on Vista (it works on IE7 under XP).

      On Vista, the default page is displayed instead of the contextual page (page2.htm) when the FlashHelp content is on the local hard drive (which is the way we need it). It works fine if the FlashHelp content is served from the web, but we really need it local.

      Has anyone else seen this and figured out a way around it?

      Just so you know, I'm using the mark of the web option and have a proper configuration file in FlashPlayerTrust.