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    Microphone Success

      I have been using Camtasia 2 for several years and until my employer asked me to start using Captivate 2.0. I was excited to get an updated product and it sure looked nice, but then I entered the microphone nightmare that has been the topic of so many discussions here. I used to live in Seattle and the folks at Adobe can be glad I now live live in Europe as my frustration levels with getting the most basic operations to work hit a new high. Adobe must have a great sales department and little else.

      Anyhow, I tried everything else that folks here had mentioned. I have an XP MCE computer with a Logitech USB mic. Like others, it all worked fine except with Captivate, so I installed an old Creative Sound Blaster Live PCI card I had and tried getting that set up to work - my ASUS MB had Realtek audio and I hoped this would work around it, but no joy. No combination of settings, mics, drivers or beer could get Captivate to recognize any type of mic.

      Then I tried disabling the Realtek portion of my board through the Hardware Manager and after a re-start, it all works fine, even the USB mic. Now that my weekend is shot, I'll try to get caught up. I hope this helps at least a few folks.

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          A search of these forums would have quickly told you that Captivate does not support "Realtek" and saved you all that frustration.

          But since you suffered through all that, it is nice that you took the time to offer - one more time - the advice that microphone recognition is likely to be problematic if your system uses Realtek audio support.