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    When I change the size of a symbol in itself, it is never updated outside the symbol.





      I created a symbol there some time ago with graphics and elements inside. This symbol has well-defined dimensions according to the elements it contains, and is used several times in my project.


      For some reason, later I need to change the elements in this symbol. So I have to resize the size of the symbol within itself.


      This works fine inside, but outside, my symbol still keeps the original size, and, whatever happens.


      So it can create problems if I need to change the position of my symbol or change the alignment relative to the elements of the same level.


      For information it's been a while since I worked with Animate and I always had the problem, whatever the version ...

      Is there a way to fix this?

      Or maybe the problem is known and will be part of the next update?


      Thanks for reply