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      I've got a new Sony eReader (PRS-T1) that I'm trying to authorize using my Adobe ID on Sony Reader for PC, however I get the error "E_AUTH_USER_ALREADY_REGISTERED." when I try to do so. I auhorized the computer without any problems just a few minutes before. In another post the suggestion was to go to Edit/Preferences/Deautorize but that doesn't help as I cannot see the eReader there to deauthorize it and authorize it again. How can I solve this? I've been in contact with Sony support, who asked me to contact Adobe support, who asked me to post a question here.

          shreya Adobe Employee

          Please share more information:


          1. You authorized sony reader for PC with an adobe id or you authorized without an id ?

          2. error "E_AUTH_USER_ALREADY_REGISTERED." you are getting on PC or sony reader device.


          You can also create a new adobe id and try to authorize your device.



            ninam17920029 Level 1

            1. Yes with an Adobe ID.

            2. The error I get on the PC. When I connect the Sony eReader I get a message asking me if I want to authorize it. I choose adobe ID and add my adobe id and password. Then I get that error message on the computer.


            I can try to create another adobe id and authorize with it if nothing else works.


            Thank you!