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    Failed Login Script

      Hello, I am trying to create a failed login script. I am setting the variable in the session scope but I am not quite sure how to get the count process going correctly. After 3 trys I want to lock the person out. I am using cflogin in my application.cfm file. Can someone please help me with the logic of this.

      Here is my code.
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          emmim44 Level 1
          In your app file where you redirect the user back to login.cfm if their username and pass dont match with the one in db, place a <cfparam name="Session.FailCount" default="1">
          <cfset session.FailCount=Session.FailCount +1>
          <cfif session.FailCount is 3>
          your msg: You have exceed the 3 trials....etc

          You can submit your msh as a url variable to the login page
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            murpg Level 1
            Thanks for the suggestion it worked nicely. Here is what my finished code looks like.