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    cloud license, although wants ID Key for Indesign?????!!!!!


      i have a cloud license, i wondered why all programms run regular (since about 1 year, we ofcourse pay everey month) but i had to install a test version of Indesign, after using the old one from the beginning of the cloud use.....now it wants a product ID after 30 days, cant use it anymore....whats going wrong? im not the only one due to forums....how will i find a solution without wasting hours, i have 20 employees, and realy no time for such issues. thx!

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          nickl85562033 Level 1

          i figured out: Adobe....you have a Problem.....


          even if we caused it, somehowe...buts in your database........in the accountmanagement

          in former our admin (adobeadminaccount) gave me the licence and submitted me as a user called



          in my account at the cloud, actually, i alwayslog in with



          logged in with this account at Adobe.com i could see my cloud-abbonnement, everything was correct.

          but i could only install the cc(2104) as tests......


          very strange...how can this differ???? how can i have an account showing my cloud abo, working in the cloud, working with the apps since 1 year...when the acoount differs from the account the admin gave me.....?????


          I deleted the user mysecondname@mycompanyname.de and activated the other adress.....



          now it works in the cloudapp......


          but it was an error at Adobe before....mayebey the accountmanagement does not use all of the email adress to validate something.....eg not using things before a "." so the users where put together in some parts of your database and in some not......here happened


          by the way : i did not remove the cloud or any software.....only the user was changed (a bit)