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    Adobe InDesign CS6 8.1.0 Patch not working (anymore) !!!



      after automatic update to version 8.1.0 ID CS6 does not work anymore!

      The update was installed on 06/02/2015 via CC App Manager and was working properly for the next two days.


      Error message shows:

      'Adobe InDesign kann das Zusatzmodul APPFRAMEWORK.RPLN nicht laden. Das Zusatzmodul APPFRAMEWORK.RPLN erfordert Adobe InDesign Version 8.1. Eine kompatible Version von APPFRAMEWORK.RPLN erhalten Sie bei Ihrem Händler.'

      ('Adobe InDesign can not load the add-on module APPFRAMEWORK.RPLN. The additional module APPFRAMEWORK.RPLN requires Adobe InDesign version 8.1. For a compatible version of APPFRAMEWORK.RPLN contact your dealer.')


      It seems that the update was rolled back without any notice?!


      (Re) installing Patch 8.0.2 not working!!!


      Where is the download for Update 8.1.0?


      I own Adobe CS6 Design and Web Premium + additional CC membership.



      Please advise and fix this issue.


      Many thanks & kind regards