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    flex mdi window and tab movement


      Hi All,


      In our flex mdi application, we have multiple windows. And if two or more windows have same field names, tab key travel to

      multiple windows rather than stay on the current window. How we can restrict tab to stay only on the current focused window.


      Any help in this regard is very appreciated.



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          Flex harUI Adobe Employee

          I’m not sure field names should matter.  The FocusManager subsystem looks for an active IFocusManagerContainer and tabbing should stay in there unless you are setting tabIndex.  Sometimes, folks use containers that aren’t IFocusManagerContainer or don’t use PopUpManager to add them and then the ActiveWindowManager can’t switch between FocusManagers.


          You can try disabling containers that aren’t “active”.



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            mhasan75 Level 1

            Thanks Alex, it does help us to understand the issue as you explained the concept of IFocusManagerContainer, Yes we are having same kind of problem as you explained. we are adding canvas windows to main canvas so all windows shared same focus manager. if we enable only active window and disable all other windows, the tab focus issue solved but it looks quite odd.


            And also tried to deactivate focus manager but did not work. So, can we remove a focus manager to a window and add it when it get focus.


            Many thanks.



            M. Hasan

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              Flex harUI Adobe Employee

              It might be difficult to try to fool the ActiveWindowManager.  How hard would it be to use TitleWindow instead of Canvas?  It might be easier to hide the TitleWindow’s titlebar. Another options is to make a subclass of Canvas that is an IFocusManagerContainer.