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    Array from movieclip

    JonnyDL Level 1

      Im attempting to build a picture carousel. The goal is to load Moviclips into an empty movieclip and have them fade in and out based on a click of a button. I'm loading them into empty movieclip so I can count them, to build corresponiding buttons for each one (on the stage). The problem I am having is getting these into an array that I can then take from and tween.

      I make a for loop counting the Movilips in the container, (attempt to load them in an array) picArray.push(container[i]._name), but when I try to take it and tween it nothing happens.

      Im guessing it has something to do with they way Im putting into the array or trying to reference in the tween (that it is still an object stored in the array)

      Any body got a good way to load up the array in a way to use/tween the movieclip items


      Hopefully this makes sense, Oh I'm writing this in AS2, hopefully when we make our upgrade I will take it and convert it to AS3