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    Importing html file and I got unsuppoertd path error message

    MisiSipos80 Level 1

      Hi all,


      I am building a website in dreamweaver and I would like to make the animations in Edge animate.


      I saw a tutorial on Lynda and the tutor just open the html file and animate the content easily, so I guess this is something I should also able to do.


      The problem is, what ever I do I got the "usupported path. CSS/stlye.css, images/ list of imagename.png".


      I tried to rename every file so there are no underscores or anything like that. I use mostly imagename#.extension format.


      I copied the css file to the folder where the index file is. Did not work, same error message.


      The index file works fine during the tests, without any problem.


      Any suggestion?


      Thank you!