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    I want to cancel my Adobe Student CC account, but it is impossible to do so on adobe.com at present. Customer Service pronto.


      I have signed in, gone to 'Plans & Products', have selected "Creative Cloud Student & Teacher (One Year)", have clicked 'manage plan', have then clicked 'cancel plan' on the following page, only to be promted with:

      We hate to see you go

      Please confirm applicable cancellation fees or refunds by referring to our subscription terms. To cancel, please contact Customer Support.

      Customer Support then directs me down a dead-end that encourages me to do what I have already detailed above, which does not work.

      I have then elected to try a contact method but the '24 hours, 7 days a week' chat is not available, the phone isn't open until 9:00 tomorrow, so this forum is all that is left. Please respond, "Customer Support".