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    I am having problems with my Elements 12 program "freezing". I am not sure if it is an incompatibility with my operating system or my inexperience.


      It has frozen once or twice during the uploading process. My bigger concern is when I am trying to follow tutorials and the program seems to freeze and does not execute the task. This has happened several times when I attempt to use the brushes or other tools. I am using a Mac Trackpad. I don't know if the problem is originating in this step, possibly, I am not using the trackpad correctly or if another problem exists. For instance, when I attempt to the brushes I get a "star" to paint my picture vs the round circle that the tutorials are showing.


      I am using an older Mac computer; however, we did update the software prior to installing the Adobe Elements program.


      Any guidance would be appreciated. I am also wondering if there are any Adobe Photoshop tutors available.