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    Text Metrics


      I need to know how flash calculates the distance between text rows when using textField. What is the default leading? Documentation says it's undefined.. but what does undefined mean? 0? Also I need to know what is the distance from the top of the textfield to the first line of text.

      I found out that by inserting a dynamic text on stage in flash and setting it's line spacing to -fontsize/3 pt gives me the result I am looking for. What is the relation between the pt used for line spacing and the values entered at leading property in TextFormat?

      The problem I am experiencing is that I try to generate a pdf based on information gathered in flash. Everything works except the text component. Text is rendered completely different and I can't find a pattern to figure out a formula for matching them. Different fonts have completely different line spacings.

      Fonts are embedded in flash. Could this be an issue?