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    Type tool keyboard shortcut problem


      In InDesign CC, I am using the T key on my keyboard to switch to the Type Tool. Occasionally (not always) it will switch back to the previous tool, meaning if I had the selection tool selected before, and I use T to switch to the Type Tool, it switches back to the selection tool a moment later. It's infuriating!


      Things I've noticed:

      • I can have more than one document open, and the issue may arise in only one/some of the documents - not all
      • Selecting the Type Tool from the tools window bypasses the issue (therefore, seems to be only the keyboard shortcut)
      • Have not seen this error reproduced for ANY other tool.
      • Double-clicking a text box still works to automatically edit the text
      • Closing the program and reopening usually fixes it, but occasionally doesn't


      I'm trying to figure out if anybody else has noticed this issue. I can't seem to find anything addressing this problem. Is there a solution??


      InDesign CC 2014.1  / x64 Build  /  Windows 7 Enterprise