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    We have an applescript that will batch print InDesign CS6 files from a folder to a laser printer using an InDesign print preset. The script does not work in OS X Yosemite. The script errors out with the print preset. Any thoughts?

    ryan135 Level 1

      tell application "Finder"


        set thefolder to choose folder with prompt "Select a Folder with InDesign Files to be Printed" as text

        set thePath to thefolder as text

        set the selected_items to every item of folder thefolder

        if the selected_items is {} then


        display dialog "Please select a folder with InDesign files before running this script." buttons {"Cancel"} default button 1

        end if

        repeat with aFile in selected_items




        tell application "Adobe InDesign CS6"


        with timeout of 600 seconds

        set user interaction level of script preferences to never interact

        open aFile

        tell document 1

        tell print preferences

        set active printer preset to "Catalog Pages"

        set page range to all pages

        end tell

        print without print dialog

        close saving no

        end tell

        end timeout

        --might need this delay

        --delay 10

        set user interaction level of script preferences to interact with all

        end tell


        end repeat

        tell application "Finder"


        display dialog "Batch Printing is complete!" giving up after 5

        end tell

      end tell