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    Loading position


      When loading my page the header (with an Edge animation) There are two levels of problems.  First, it sometimes doesn't load the animation at all and the area that should have the header area is reduced in size.

      If it doesn't have that first problem, and the header actually loads, then it will sometimes load in such a way that the first div below the header is tucked under and behind the header.  Cutting off the top of the content.  Here's a still screenshot Screenshot by Lightshot . If you go to http://vistalagoadventurepark.com and hit reload a few times, you'll probably see it too. Or, just watch this video screen capture. http://youtu.be/_W5IUvgdJZI The first few reloads show what is SHOULD look like, and then at about 35 seconds in you'll see it load wrong a few times in a row.


      I am using Wordpress 4.1 with Divi Theme and the Edge Suite plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/edge-suite/ and Edge Animate 2014.1.1

      I don't know if it's helpful, but in the Properties of the Stage in Edge Animate I have


      H. 120px

      Min W: 360px

      Max W: 1200px

      Overflow: visible

      Autoplay: on

      Center Stage: Horizontal

      Responsive Scaling: Width

      Preloader: Polite