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    Which mobo/processor/gpu combo is a better compromise?


      I am putting together a video editing machine that will primarily be used for Premiere Pro CC. It will consist of Haswell-E processor, x99 mobo, and NVidia gtx gpu. I need to cut the price down by $200-400. I can do this by going with msi vs asus x99 or haswell 5820 vs 5930 or gtx770 vs gtx970. I don't plan on running dual gpu's. What would be the best place(s) to compromise and why?

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          asus and gigabyte are tops in quality to what i've seen. if quality is a concern, you may want the asus over the msi. this is no guarantee that the asus board wont break first, just slight odds that it wont. whichever you get, make sure it has the features and expandability you need.


          the 5930 costs 50% more than the 5820 but is only around 5-10% faster.  there are more differences than just speed in those chips, you can watch this video here to get an idea. PCIe Lanes - PCIe 8x vs 16x in SLI - YouTube    if you aren't loading up on components such as dual gpu's, you may be just fine with the 5820.


          the gxt 970 is 30-40% faster than the gtx 770. they are suppose to be about the same price, unless you are looking at some special model or the gtx 980?  i would go with the gtx 970, its has 4gb ram and uses nvidia's latest technology. the new chips they use greatly reduce heat generated and lower the power required by these cards.


          with any purchase, deciding which mfg/company you want to deal with if it breaks, can be an important factor. also if you are lookin at silent cases check out the define R5.

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            It's a no-brainer in my opinion...


            #1 stick w/ Asus; DDR4 can be tricky to deal with and ASUS seems to keep up to date and sells lots of boards


            #2 get the 5930k - unlocked 6 core, good lanes; you can always upgrade video cards or with this setup and Adobe, even add a second one later whereas upgrading a CPU later is much more difficult. And, its more difficult to sell used CPUs vs video cards.


            If you have a Micro Center that you can drive to where you live, that will save you another $100 on the CPU as compared with most other options.