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    Unattended Install - Lightroom 5.7.1 (Creative Cloud)


      Hi all,


      I might have missed something here but after creating a Creative Cloud package, I install the MSI that was created inside the "Build" folder followed by running the ExceptionDeployer in the Exceptions folder. However, the issues are:

      • Public desktop shortcut - needs to be removed
      • No additional startup items
      • No additional services
      • EULA prompt on first launch – requires to be removed
      • Sign in also requested - prompt
      • Creating new catalog – prompt
      • Updates not disabled


      I've recently configured other Adobe products through SCCM from Creative Cloud packages and this does not appear to be consistent with the other packages (Acrobat XI Pro, After Effects, Fireworks CS6, Illustrator, Photoshop, In Design, etc...) Is this standard behaviour or am I missing a step?


      I've familiarised with these just prior to undertaking the tasks:

      Creative Cloud Help | Using Adobe Exceptions Deployer


      Creative Cloud Help | Installing Products in the Exceptions folder