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    GPU not available (other posts inconclusive)


      I have been in contact with Nvidia about this issue. I showed them a screen shot from a video talking about compatibility. The screen shot shows that the user has a GTX 570, with the CUDA section working and GPU selected. I am told by Nvidia that my GTX 660 is "way better" than the GTX 570, yet I do not get to select GPU and the CUDA section is inactive.


      Adobe says it is the video card and Nvidia says it is After Effects that is causing the issue.


      Other posts to this topic talk about a setting in a text file, a setting in environment variables and one even gives a link to the same issue in Adobe Premiere . But I see no one saying "Hey, thanks, that worked".

      What test file?

      What environment variable?

      Why give a link to Premiere instead of After Effects?


      Someone stated that if you get the message "GPU not available" means that the video card is incompatible end of story. According to Nvidia, if the GTX 570 works than the GTX 660 should work, since it is a more advanced card.


      I cannot afford to play musical video cards...