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    delete duplicate books in library

    tressacamille Level 1

      i started with a Kindle and discovered not the best choice for borrowing library books.  have a Nook now but also 5 entries for the book I was trying to download on my bookshelf.  can't see how to delete them?  I tried uninstalling ADE but they're all there when I reinstalled.  Anyone have this weird problem.  Not causing trouble.  Just a neat freak.

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          shreya Adobe Employee

          You can delete a book in ADE as:

          1. Select the book thumbnail in library view.

          2. Right click on book, a menu will appear,

          3. Select the suitable option as "Remove from bookshelf " if you need to delete it from bookshelf or "Remove from library" if you want to delete the book from main library.


          Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 3.57.07 pm.png

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            Pepperkilo Level 1

            I am having this problem as well. I must have accidentally added two or more copies of multiple books into ADE. I unchecked the "sync books" in the library tab of the taskbar in ADE but it still shows duplicate copies in the cloud. I looked everywhere to find out where the cloud files are stored on a website and no luck. I can't stop them from showing up in my library. They are not downloading since I disabled sync but I am also a neat-freak and would like to clean these mistakes out of my library. They are cluttering my ADE library and it really looks bad.