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    Image copies in FixedLayout ePub export

    bst7 Level 1

      When exporting my document to ePub fixed layout, I am getting references in the xml code to multiple copies of the same source image. In the InDesign document, the "links" panel shows that there is multiple references to the same source image (so InDesign knows there is 1 master image). The resulting ePub has copies of the images, and the XML files reference those copies as well as the original.


      An example of the problem can be seen in a small test document I've posted here:



      I've reported this problem previously, and just tested the latest update of InDesign where the problem still persists, despite previous assurances that the problem is fixed. I'm quite happy to provide the InDesign resources to Adobe if it helps to have the problem resolved.


      Is this the best forum/method to report bugs to Adobe?