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    Find and Change List Query's


      I  have tried changing  some query's in the FindChangeList.txt file and some have worked and other have not.

      The "Phone Number Conversion (dot format)" works in the Find/Change pallet but doesn't work in the .txt file

          ie. (find/Change Pallet)    find: \(?(\d\d\d)\)?[-. ]?(\d\d\d)[-. ]?(\d\d\d\d)

                                                  change: $1.$2.$3


      But  when I  put thaose codes into the .TXT file the do not work...

      ie. (FindAndChangeList.txt file)      

      text{findWhat:"\(?(\d\d\d)\)?[-. ]?(\d\d\d)[-. ]?(\d\d\d\d)"}{changeTo:"$1.$2.$3"}{includeFootnotes:true, includeMasterPages:true, includeHiddenLayers:true, wholeWord:false}Phone Number Conversion(dot format) .

      also will not do all of the "Remove trailing  Whitespace" query as well does some but  leaves the last ¶ return symbol of a story (¶#)

                          ie.  \s+$


      Please help  me resolve these minor but time waisting Queries

      Thank You