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    director update

    newmfa Level 1
      I made a project with director v10.0 , I will use v.10.1 and its update to open same project , is this make any missing in my project..?

      can install update over director mx 2004 version 10.0..?
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          There will be no problems to update and you should do so to get the
          latest available fixes, including the Flash 8 Asset xtra.
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            Hi Newmfa,

            It is a good idea to install an update as it's there to correct issues or give
            feature updates.

            There are 2 updates to Director MX 2004 (v10). The first is a 10.1 update and
            you just run the installation over your existing one and it will overwite the
            files and do all the updating very easily. The second update is to 10.1.1. This
            one is called a 'drag install update'. You have to manually copy and paste the
            files into the correct location. But, if you extract the files, the path
            structure will be the same as the install location. So, copying and pasting
            could be done in one go. Hope this makes sense.

            The 10.1.1 update needs to be done after you ahve run teh 10.1 update.


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