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    CFFTP thread is LOST. Can you make this timeout?

      We're facing a big problem here: In rare cases, CFFTP does not timeout, not itself, not even inside a lock. We know it's based on the server. Some servers hang the connection, but the question is: WHY CF does not timeout? It is impossible to do that? CF doesn't report this as unresponsive, doesn't timeout, logs are silent...

      Tested in Windows 2000, 2003. CF7 latest build. I've tried with different locks and CFFTP settings (passive=yes/no, etc.)

      I've also tested pasting the URL in my browser.. the browser itself became "lost". It doesn't timeout or anything... so i've asked some friends to test the URL for me, 10 out of 10 got the same behavior, one was using a Mac. So, why this URL has the power to forget timeouts?

      thanks in advance...