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    embedding edge animate video - endless Preloader no Video -- Updatet!



      i do a simple test with the Edge Animate Video-Tutorial on my FTP-Server. With a simple Play/Pause Button and a Video(mp4/ogv).

      I add a preloader image at the beginning and i center the whole stage.


      After i publish and upload the web folder to my FTP-Server, i get the animated preloader image in the Browser Window in the top/left corner and nothing else(endless Preloader animation).


      Only after i press 1 to 3 times the reload Button, i get the right animation and the video play if i press the play button and the Stage is centered. Everything works then fine.


      Safari, IE9, Chrome and Firefox have the same behaviour.



      What is wrong???


      You can do a test here: ultimate trail video



      Best regards