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    initiate key pressing tab key

      it there a code for initiate key pressing...once i start
      the flash application pressing the "tab" key code should
      automatically be initiated.
      i don't want to do something while pressing the tab button.
      the tab button just has to be "pushed" automatically since this step is necessary in order to start an external application. otherwise the user has to push it.
      it is more "comfortable" when pushing the tab button is done automatically by flash, and the user only has to push the enter button to start the application.
      thanks for help....
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          Devendran Level 1
          what will u do while TabKey pressed please briefe it
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            christlmuc Level 1
            we have an application that will be started from a flash projector.
            the menue will be controlled not by mouse but by a remote control.
            you start the application when you press a certain key at the remote control that is "linked" with the enter key on the keyboard.
            now it is two steps: press the tab key to select the start button, and then press the enter key (both by remote control) to start the application.
            the first step is unnecessary when this could be done automatically by flash. then the user only has to press the enter key because the start button is already "selected".
            i can't explain it better... ;-(