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    director mp3 playlist

      hi there
      i d like to ask if anyone know how i can add mp3 files in director and then choose some files to play.like an mp3 player
      thanx a lot
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          That's quite a broad question.
          You can import mp3s into Director or keep them in a separate directory
          or provide a browse dialog so the user can select a file to play.
          Either way you need to provide the user with the ability to choose a
          file and then play it.
          Playing is as simple as linking to an external file or fully importing
          it and then using the sound(channel_number).play("member_name") command.
          To let the user choose a file you could create a text member and place
          member names (or files found) on individual lines and the play the file
          named when the user clicks on a line. Check the docs for
          textSprite.pointToLine() and _mouse.clickLoc
          Also, search the forums as this is a frequently asked question.
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            nigo3 Level 1
            thanx a lot sean