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    breaking table style or using multiple table styles on linked excel file




      So I have a linked excel file in indesign for purpose of having the sales team update the excel file and have it so it will update the table in a multi page document.

      However the table is to have alternating rows colours and the first two rows blank as they contain the header and subheadings.


      So my question is can I have one large linked excel file which I've linked the table/text to multiple boxes. Same as linking text boxes for over flow. So they can be positioned in different places. But have it so the individual boxes can have different table styles.


      Currently I have on the linked file a table style called price list and it has the skip the first two rows on. However it alternates after this so the consecutive boxes have the alternating colours without the first to rows skipped.


      Can you break the table style to give all the other boxes except the first another table style that would skip the first two rows and start the alternating while having the whole thing still one large excel file for updating purposes.


      I thought if you just clicked each box you could assign a table style but it treats it as one.


      The only way I see doing this is taking the time to colour which rows I want one by one which then defeats the purpose of the automatic table style that takes care of that for me.



      Any help would be great. I'm running cs5 so I don't know if the new one allows for altering the table one by one if linked for overflow text etc.