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    Geospatial Dimensions

    Mamie Anding

      I cannot get the Measure Tool in Adobe X Pro to work correctly.  I am apparently missing something important. 


      I need it to resemble a CAD dimension as much as possible, I need to change the precision to (0) decimal places, and I need to be able to set a Default Style for the tool.


      What I get is a line where I clicked the measure points.  Each time, I have to go into the Properties and change the leader properties and the start/end point properties. 


      I cannot drag any of the points to adjust the dimension - it simply moves the entire dimension.


      I cannot find an option to change the precision to (0) decimal points anywhere in the program.  I also did not find a reference to the precision in the help files. 


      Each time I check the box to make these changes the default, it clears itself and the next dimension I place is right back to the basic line that I have to edit all over again.


      Surely I am doing something wrong here?  Right now, I have to enter the dimension in a callout with a description of where to start the measurement.  (These are drawings to install traffic signs.)


      Can someone point me in a direction, or is there an online tutorial for using this tool that might address my needs? 



      Mamie Anding