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    gotoAndStop on random frame

      I have an MC called asteroid. In the script, every 1000 whatever units its in a new asteroid is attached at the center of the stage. There are two things i cant get to work. #1 i can get the asteroid to stop at a random frame(it has 100 frames). #2 after it's made and has gotten its random frame to stop at i need it's width and height to grow. Here is what I have so far:
      setInterval(rocks, 1000);
      function rocks(){
      rock= _root.attachMovie("asteroid","asteroid"+i, i);
      rock._x = 300;
      rock._y = 300;
      rock.movef = setInterval(rockmove, 10);
      function rockmove(rok){
      // I dont know what to put here; what I tried did not work

      What would I add to my script to accomplish this task?