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    Why did you ignore my post about Flash Player failing to register its ActiveX Control?


      Three days ago I submitted a precisely-worded description of a persistent installation problem:  Every time I attempt to download and install Flash Player V. 16 on my laptop running Windows Vista 64 bit and IE 9, the download completes successfully, but at the end of installation, a dialog box gives this message

      "ActiveX Control failed to register."

      I presume that your installation software was unable to write something into the Windows Registry.  Other software has no trouble writing to my Windows Registry.  My anti-virus software is not blocking the Registry.

      I expressly asked for an Adobe staff member to guide me on how to debug this failed installation.

      All I got was zilch.  Your forum software assured me that my request was posted, but I have not seen it on the list of recent posts.  You made it disappear and did not respond to it.  Your company does not provide any other avenue for a distraught user to obtain technical support.  Your dismissive attitude toward your customers and user community is even more distressing than your bloated, malfunctioning software products.

      Without Flash Player installed, my computer has been dead in the water for ten days.  I can't do my work.  If I am forced to write my own Flash emulator just to get my work done, then I won't need Adobe anymore.