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    Which MacBook Pro w/ Retina to buy for Video Editing?

    Espience Films Level 1

      Hi, I am looking into buying a MacBook Pro for Video Editing. This is not my main machine because I already have an i7, 16GB  RAM, GTX 760 2TB HDD machine at home. My home machine beasts through  my daily editing but I am stumped on which MacBook is worth the money!


      I am comparing the...


      13" Retina with


      256 GB SSD

      16GB RAM

      Integrated Graphics


      for $1849 (with EDU discount)




      15" Retina with


      512 GB SSD

      16GB RAM

      GT 750m with 2GB DDR5 Memory


      for $2,479 (with EDU Discount)




      I don't really care about the screen size, I'll be using thunderbolt storage anyways, I am mainly wondering if the GT 750m will make much of a difference in editing footage. Mainly AVCHD 1080p but also I'd like it to be able to handle 4k in small amounts. I would mainly use proxy's at that point but just in case. I also don't do a ton in After Effects, but may need to send some shots here and there of for VFX work. This is mainly for if I'm on the go and need to make an edit or I need to do photography work (Lightroom and Photoshop)




      Cameron Gallagher