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    PDF Return forms and Distribution



      I work for a school that is looking to use these forms to organise function and event requests. We are having a few issues that we want to fix before the role this out to all staff.


      1. When a form is submitted, can the filled in form then be sent to various departments as a copy of the PDF form instead of a list with in the email.


      2. Is it possible to have department distribution set in side the form. For instance;

           - Some one selects catering to be supplied for the event, once the tick the bock that says they would like catering can they be included in the event then the catering email is added to the the return form and they automatically receive the response with a copy of the PDF Form filled in.


      3. When attachments are added to the form, can they be emailed off with the PDF form as an attached file instead of going into formscentral and using the view responses tab?



      Hope this makes sense.